Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Nobodies Available on Kindle!

The Nobodies by N.E. Bode is now available for your Kindle! Click here to buy your copy today! Yeah Kindle! Yeah N.E. Bode!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teachers' Guides Available

Teachers Guides for The Anybodies, The Prince of Fenway Park, and The Ever Breath. Write to to receive your copy today.

What's The Slippery Map All About?

Oyster R. Motel, who is being raised in a nunnery, falls prey to the Awful MTDs (Mysterious Temporary Disappearances) and takes a ride through the Gulf of Wind and Darkness to an Imagined Other World - filled with dragons, spider-wolves, breathing rivers - where he must defeat the evil Dark Mouth. This book promises: Heroism! Adventure! (And the importance of love, most of all.)

"...inventive and a whole lot of fun..." - Kirkus Reviews

"A fantastic and fun advenure..." - St. Petersburg Times

Baggott and Bode in Your Classroom


TEACHERS AND KIDS! Click HERE to watch kid-centric, classroom-friendly video clips of Julianna Baggott (a.k.a. N.E. Bode) that are embedded with fun creative writing exercises designed to rev up kids' imaginations.

VIRTUAL AUTHOR VISITS! Follow up a read aloud by emailing questions for Bode. Bode will answer in a short video posted on a web site and at (Add the first names of your students for a more personal response.) Because this is an "author visit," your students qualify to receive books by Bode (and Julianna Baggott, author of The Prince of Fenway Park) for 45% off the retail price when ordered directly through HarperCollins. Send student names for signed, inscribed bookplate stickers. Email to get more info!

Prince gets new crown!

The Latest Baggott News

The Prince of Fenway Park has recently been selected for Florida's Sunshine State Book Awards, and the Massachusetts Childrens Book Award list.

The Prince of Fenway Park

"... a delicious little fairy tale about the National Pastime."

"Richly imagined ... young sports fans will revel in Baggott's underworld ... especially young residents of Red Sox Nation, [who] will dig their cleats in for a thoroughly involving tale."
--Kirkus Reviews

"... brilliant premise ... Both whimsical and provocative, this story will engage readers who like clever tales, and also those who enjoy chewing over controversial themes."
-- School Library Journal (John Peters, New York Public Library)

"If you have a young reader ... [The Prince of Fenway Park] should score a home run.... a wild adventure..." -- Cape Cod Times