The Anybodies
The Anybodies, the first novel written by N.E. Bode, aka, Julianna Baggott.

The Anybodies was one of PEOPLE MAGAZINE's top five book picks for 'what's cool this summer.'

"Potter-style magic meets Snicket-y irreverence in a saga of a girl swapped at birth and raised by 'tragically dull' parents."

The Nobodies
Though Fern is excited about learning Anybody skills, Howard loathes the idea, and Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times is even worse than he imagined: a blind bus driver-handyman; moldy, spider-infested cabins; mean, creepy counselors; a vicious mole who wants something Fern has; and terrified campers who shun Fern. There are also strange soda-pop bottles containing messages demanding that Fern save someone. It's a dangerous, miserable puzzle, but Bode neatly and cleverly ties up loose ends and, on the last page, produces a nifty surprise that will have readers clamoring for another sequel. Suggest this to teachers looking for an off-the-wall read-aloud or as an excellent example of voice in writing. -- Booklist

The Somebodies
Narrow escapes, evil villains, and captured souls from books will keep kids turning pages through an imaginative kaleidoscope of transformations definitely reminiscent of our friends at Hogwarts. Ferns best friend, Howard, is a robotlike wimp who serves as an effective foil to the brave and take-charge Fern, and the Blue Queen is truly terrifying as she gobbles souls from books with the ultimate goal of stealing human ones. Puzzles, anagrams, and references to other childrens books will please young sleuths. Old-fashioned-looking black-and-white sketches contribute to the feel of a classic childrens book. -- School Library Journal

The Prince of Fenway Park
"Richly imagined ... young sports fans will revel in Baggott's underworld ... especially young residents of Red Sox Nation, [who] will dig their cleats in for a thoroughly involving tale." --Kirkus Reviews

"... brilliant premise ... Both whimsical and provocative, this story will engage readers who like clever tales, and also those who enjoy chewing over controversial themes." -- School Library Journal (John Peters, New York Public Library)

The Slippery Map
A boy named Oyster R. Motel, who is being raised in a nunnery, falls prey to the Awful MTDs (Mysterious Temporary Disappearances) and takes a ride in a silver bucket through the Gulf of Wind and Darkness to an Imagined Other World - filled with Perths, Doggers, Vicious Goggles, dragons, spider-wolves, breathing rivers - where he must defeat the evil Dark Mouth.

The Ever Breath
"Baggott's inventiveness and whimsy never flag; ... it's a dizzying, nonstop romp through the imagination." -- Publishers Weekly

"Fantasy aficionados will gobble up this fast-paced tale ... Baggott's brisk prose propels readers through a tale that feels like a stepping-stone between SPIDERWICK and HARRY POTTER." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Fast-paced ... charming ... fanciful ..." -- Booklist

The Amazing Compendium of Edward Magorium
The film stars Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, and Justin Bateman. But the Bode book is all about Mr. Magorium's wonderful life. Read how the brilliant, 243-year-old toy maker influenced the lives of Napoleon, Einstein, Jackie Robinson, Billy Jean King, and many more!